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Meet me!

I'm Tania

I am a graphic designer by profession and an artist by heart.

peach tree flower in watercolor

Hello there!

I am Tania, a watercolor artist, teacher, and illustrator working from my home studio in Austin, Texas.

I was born and raised in El Salvador, Central America's tiniest but gorgeous country.

I am a graphic designer by profession and an artist by heart.

I worked as a graphic designer for over two decades, having a fantastic career. My own company allowed me to work with clients in different industries, from small businesses to multinational corporations. One of the things I've always loved the most is people's reactions to my work.

Somehow, I ended up in Texas, having the fortune to flip the page and start over. In 2019, I rediscovered my passion for painting. My art usually has vibrant colors and details, but it's not a rule. I get bored, so I like experimenting with other techniques, color palettes, motifs, styles, and painting methods. My inspiration is daily life, nature, people, travel, movies, and books. Traveling makes me think that we are inhabitants of a small part of the world where we can create our history.

I create content about my experience, from using different kinds of watercolor papers, from the most affordable supplies to the ones that are a little pricey, and from trying new things. I hope you find my blog, tutorials, classes, and insight useful. I am always full of ideas, tips, and even mistakes I encountered that I want to share with you. We all have started somewhere.

With my illustrations, I want to transmit joy, inspire others, and thank and celebrate life.

So, let's celebrate life!

with all my love tag in watercolor
painting with watercolor brushes









ITALY was my #1
My bucket list has never been long, but it certainly had Tuscany as the number one.

I wasn't painting yet when I visited this gorgeous country. Traveling is a huge inspiration source. I love going back through the pictures.

When I was 15, I was bitten by a cat.
The whole experience was awful. I got 7 shots around my belly button.

These days, I call myself a "Cat Lover".
Cats have stolen my heart.

I'm never going to have too many rings if you know what I mean.

My nails. I love doing my nails by myself!  The way they look depends on either what's inspiring me at that moment or my mood. I feel like something is missing if they are not done, so it's a must!







Nature means color, at least for me. I have a special love for bright colors.  I find joy in mixing colors to create my own, especially greens and earthy colors.

It's funny how much blue I have in my wardrobe, and not that much of bright colors at all.

Bee is my organizing style according to "Clutterbug" and, I really am! I prefer to see my everyday used items instead of
hiding them away. 

I have to admit I'm a perfectionist in recovery, something has gotten me in trouble more than once or twice.

I'm very handy. I like fixing things around the house, like toilets, door nobs, and locks, or refreshing things. I made things work.


I usually am the one installing curtains and putting pieces of furniture together. Love it! 

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