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From your desk to the actual product

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Do you ever wonder how your paintings can be part of the real world, part of others' lives?

There was a time when I thought my artwork was only good to be framed and hung on the wall. Well, don't limit yourself as I did because your artwork has countless potential in reality.

Not long ago, Carolina, my best friend, asked me to work on a menu design for an Anniversary dinner she was preparing for a friend. She wanted individual elements she could also use for seat-assigned labels. I painted different flowers and leaves and thought about giving a touch of gold, so I added some.

Once I have them ready. I wasn't sure if I would use all of the elements. I painted a good amount just in case.


1) I scanned the watercolor page in 600 dpi, RGB, and saved the file as a ".TIFF" document.

2) In Adobe Photoshop, I adjusted the colors slightly to make them appear close to the actual painting.

3) I removed the background carefully not to lose any of the flower's details on white. Since the paper is white, it's easy to lose parts of the light watercolor. I separated the elements into layers.

4) I played around with the watercolor elements to create that arch of flowers like an arrangement; I LOVE IT!

A BEAUTIFUL MENU DESIGN. From the watercolor paper to the computer to the celebration.

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