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Handy watercolor swatches FAN - Tutorial

I declare myself a lover of creating color samples. I make them in different sizes if I go on a trip and want to take one or two with me. I'm constantly rearranging my color palettes. If I buy a new color, I have to order my watercolor pans again. I like to know the color names I use. If I want to buy a specific color, it helps me see the color code.

I usually make color charts. I draw a pencil grid and paint each color in the same order in the set for easy identification. The pigments in the watercolor palette do not show the color you will get on paper, so the charts are handy.

I like to know the main characteristics of each pigment and how it behaves on paper, whether it is a coarse or creamy pigment or how transparent it is. The gaps are generally small on these color charts, and it isn't easy to notice the pigment characteristics.

All this made me think. I needed a color swatch to be created, especially for my needs. I remembered how in college, while I was studying color theory, we made a color swatch that I used for many years. So going back to that idea, I created this color fan with enough space to see how color and transparency behave on paper. I know how much saturation I can get through this swatch card and how much transparency the pigment gives. I also have the information I want and need for each color written on the back. It's easy to find color combinations. And, I can't help but mention how lovely this color fan looks.

If you want to make your own, watch the step-by-step tutorial. The video is on my YouTube channel. If you like it, give it a like, comment, or ask me if you have any questions. If you think someone else might like it, share it!

It would be so much fun to see your own. Please tag me on IG.


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