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My painting process video - Timelapse

It's been a while since I posted something. Are good intentions not good enough? I won't promise anything this time, but I'm here to share my painting process with you today.

Since I didn't have any idea about video editing until recently, please try to be nicer than usual. The good thing is that I didn't know I would like it so much and enjoy it even more. The process is lengthy, but I think I will do it better over time.

I usually make drawings whenever the inspiration comes. I have sketches I made in the middle of an online course, in my planner, and my journal when I'm planning a project, honestly, anywhere. My iPad is full of pictures and sketches that I would need days with 72 hours. Who else needs them?

Once I have a sketch, I use the iPad to make a better drawing and add some more details. I even add more elements while painting. Then I print it and trace it on watercolor paper. The watercolor paper I use is 300 gm and 100% cotton. I could make the drawing right on watercolor paper, but I try to avoid using the eraser on the surface I will paint on. I like the pencil to be very light. I use an “H” pencil and make some areas even softer with a kneaded eraser.

Now, let's get into the video to see the process closer.

I hope you enjoy the video, like it, and follow me on my YouTube Channel for more things to learn from my watercolor journey.

If you have any questions or want to share something with me, feel free! I love learning new things.


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