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Welcome to My World

Tania Miller Designs

Hi! Thank you for being here and about to read my very first post. I want you to know I am not a blogger or have any writing expertise. I am good at sharing what I've learned by trying new things, reading, listening to experts and people who seem wise or just had a little bit of luck.

I will skip the part of loving doodling and coloring since I was little. When I finished high school, I spent a year in California to learn English. A year before, my dad took me to the University to see if I liked the idea of studying Graphic Design. I immediately fall in love!

I had a fantastic journey as a graphic designer. After working in a couple of companies for a few years, I created my own space at home and started working as a freelancer. A year later, I hired someone to help me. At the end of year 7, five designers were working for me. We had the fortune of having different industries as our clients—small businesses to multinational corporations.

I never asked to own a company, but it gave me much more than I'd ever dreamed. I learned and grew in many ways.

Five years ago, life allowed me to flip the page and start over in Houston, Texas, where I married my beloved husband.

Two years ago, I rediscovered my love for painting, and since then, I haven't stopped.

I am here to share what I've learned and, why not, my mistakes too. We all started somewhere.

I invite you to learn with me! Allow yourself to have fun, make mistakes while learning, and discover a new world, the world of art!

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